Tell Rascal Flatts to come to Europe! helps fans bring their favorite performers to town. They seem to help performers know where their fans want them! Well, we’ll just give it a try. We want Rascal Flatts to come to Europe!

6 Responses to “ Tell Rascal Flatts to come to Europe! ”

  1. Cappy Says:

    Yes, come to Europe! And maybe bring Carrie along?! 😛

  2. Cappy Says:

    Maybe we can lock them here naartoe with vlamtosties, who knows! 😀

  3. Angelique Says:

    Dear Rascal Flatts,

    Please, please, come to the Netherlands! I long to see you in real life! You help me trough all my struggles, day in day out! I’m listening to your music every day!When I’m happy, sad, it doesn’t matter, you always know how to make me smile with your music! Please come to the Netherlands!

    Lots of love,

  4. Corine Says:

    Would love to see you guys in real life, in Holland! We have some great arena’s to perform in!

  5. adam barnard Says:

    come to England it would make me and my wife the happiest people ever you brought us closer together we saving for tickets now I wish it happens otherwise will have to jump on a plane to see u guys

  6. Jessica Says:

    Wainting for a tour with a date in France !

    Welcome at the Zenith in Paris !

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